Credit Card Processing

Are you currently accepting credit cards at your business? Most business’ already are set up to process cards in today’s markets. At Expect we focus on custom building each merchant with an individualized program that meets and exceeds your wants and needs. With fraud being the #1 crime in the world we focus on getting you to the highest level of security with Visa and MasterCard. By doing this we are able to get you the lowest rates possible, GUARANTEED! Allow us to work up a FREE side by side quote for you today! By doing this you are automatically entered TWICE to win a free iPad. Also, if we cannot beat your rates we will pay you $700!!

Not processing? Accepting credit cards in this day and age is a must! Not only are most retail transactions done with a credit/debit card, accepting credit cards has shown to increase your revenue dramatically. Also by choosing to accept credit cards merchants can lower their administrative costs, have quicker access to funds and become more efficient. The biggest item in today’s society though is ease of use or purchase. The more difficult you make it for customers to make a purchase the more likely your business is to lose customers. Don’t miss out on a single customer by not accepting cards as a form of payment! Find out more TODAY!